Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th, 2010

Hi All,

Lots of new shows these past few weeks--and lots of lost playlists. The show for the 18th went like this...

1) Gary Ogan; Till the Next Time that I see You; King Easy Sampler, Vol. 7

2) Chris Knight; It Ain't Easy Being Me; Chris Knight
3) The Tallest Man on Earth; The Wild Hunt; The Wild Hunt
4) Eric Brace & Last Train Home; Always Running on My Street; Six Songs

5) John Hiatt; Pirate Radio; Little Head
6) John Hiatt; Feelin' Again; Little Head
7) Conner Christian & Southern Gothic; Sunday Suit; 90 Proof Lullabies

8) Drag the River; Brookfield; Drag the River: Primer
9) Drag the River; Me and Joe Drove Out to California; Drag the River: Primer
10) Jeff Bridges; Fallin' and Flyin'; Crazy Heart Soundtrack
11) Mumford & Sons; Winter Wind; Sigh No More

12) Adam Carroll; Oklahoma Gypsy Shuffle; King Easy Radio Sampler, Vol. 7
13) JB Bruck; It's Just You; King Easy Radio Sampler
14) Dawes; Love is All I Am; Dawes

**I've mentioned The Oxford Project a few times on air--really is worth a look.