Friday, November 21, 2014

November 23rd, 2014

Hi All,

There have been some new shows as of late...technical difficulty last week.  But we'll get back to this blog gosh darn it.

Today featured all John Prine and Steve Goodman.  Love both these guys and was in the mood for them--hope you were as well.

Playlist went like this...

1) Steve Goodman; Between the Lines; No Big Surprise--The Steve Goodman Anthology

2) John Prine; You've Got Gold; Live on Tour
3) Steve Goodman; Would You Like to Learn to Dance; No Big Surprise
4) John Prine; You Mean so Much to Me; Live on Tour

5) Steve Goodman; Lincoln Park Pirates; Live at the Earle of Old Town
6) John Prine; Illegal Smile; Great Days--The John Prine Anthology
7) Steve Goodman; Grand Canyon Song; Live at the Earle of Old Town
8) John Prine; Glory of True Love; Fair and Square

9) Steve Goodman; Turnpike Tom; No Big Surprise
10) John Prine; Christmas in Prison; The John Prine Anthnology
11) Steve Goodman; Just Lucky I Guess; No Big Surprise
12) John Prine; Space Monkey; Live on Tour

13) Steve Goodman; Six Hours Ahead of the Sun; Somebody Else's Troubles