Thursday, September 21, 2006

September 17, 2006

Hey Folks,

Forgot to put this up earlier in the's the playlist for the 17th.

1) Tom Paxton; Daily News; The Best of Tom Paxton
2) Tom Paxton; The Last Thing On My Mind; The Best of Tom Paxton
3) Townes Van Zandt; Dollar Bill Blues; A Far Cry From Dead
4) Townes Van Zandt; To Live is to Fly; A Far Cry From Dead

5) Pete Steiner; Ralph's Corner Bar; Just Enough Money for Beer
6) Pete Steiner and the First Church 4; I Shall Not Be Moved; Just Enough Money for Beer
7) Jimmie Dale Gilmore; Train of Love; Come on Back
8) Jimmie Dale Gilmore; Peace in the Valley; Come on Back

9) Todd Snider; You Got Away With It; The Devil You Know
10) Todd Snider; Looking for a Job; The Devil You Know
11) Will Kimbrough; Less Polite; Americanitis
12) Will Kimbrough; Act Like Nothing's Wrong; Americanitis

13) Warren Zevon; Keep Me in Your Heart; The Wind
14) Warren Zevon; Dirty Life and Times; The Wind
15) Bruce Springsteen; Waiting on a Sunny Day; The Rising

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