Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 18th, 2008

Hi All,
Had another guest host today, Jim Makovsky. Jim is the head coach of Minnesota State's Wrestling team and a big-time Americana fan. Hope you enjoyed his show...it was great fun having him in the studio, despite his confirmation that I do indeed look like a Republican. Here's his playlist...

1) Looking at the World Through a Windshield – Son Volt

2) Mostly Water-Bap Kennedy

3) Little Silver Heart-Lucero

4) Forget the Flowers-Wilco

5) My Sweet Annette-Drive By Truckers

6) Down Here Below-Steve Earle

7) White Lies, Blue Tears-The Star Room Boys

8) Blue Eyes-Uncle Tupelo

9) Goodbye-Two Car Garage

10) Old Timer’s Disease-Patterson Hood

11) Creosote-Son Volt

12) Salty Dog-Johnny Cash

13) Myrna Lee-Blue Mountain

14) High on the Mountain Top-Loretta Lynn


Amanda said...

I didn't get a chance to listen to the show, but any show that starts with a Son Volt song has to be good.

Americana music is takin' over KMSU!

loyal fan and frequent listener, Amanda

Scott J said...

Great show and nice banter between Coach and the Host. You should think about creating a podcast; I would love to subscribe!

Jen said...

Jim has always had a great taste for music. Growing up to listening to The Feelies and Husker Du truly made an impact on me. Who else would have brought their geeky little sister to First Ave when she was still in high school?

It's nice to see that Jim still has a chance at turning people on to good "organic" music.