Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 13, 2011

Thanks so much to Dave Engen for giving up several Sunday mornings for my personal edification. I really enjoy the opportunities to nerd-out about the music I love - or that I'm currently falling in love with.

Before I become more Minnesotan, and end additional sentences with prepositions, here's this week's playlist:

1) Trampled By Turtles; Nobody Else; Duluth

2) Bellwether; All on Red; Bellwether
3) Regina Spektor; The Call; Live in London
4) Studs Terkel; Blessed be the Nation; Where Have All The Children Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger

5) Elizabeth and the Catapults; Race You; Taller Children
6) Meiko; Reasons to Love You; Meiko
7) CAKE; Bound Away; Showroom of Compassion

8) Lower 48; Miles From Minnesota; Everywhere to Go
9) Todd Snider; Pickup Truck Song; Todd Sings Jerry Jeff (unreleased compilation)
10) Dave Simonette and Friends; Two of Us; Minnesota Beatles Project, Vol. 1

11) Vandaveer; A Mighty Leviathan of Old; Divide and Conquer
12) Rachel Reis; Valentine, NE; For You Only
13) Josh Ritter; Here at the Right Time; The Animal Years

14) Jakob Dylan; Valley of the Low Sun; Seeing Things
15) Pete Droge; Beautiful Girl; Beautiful Girls Motion Picture Soundtrack
16) My Morning Jacket; Golden; It Still Moves
17) Bruce Springsteen; Hollywood Kids; Before the Fame

Thanks so much. Enjoy the warming weather and stay dry!

~ Ben Leonard

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