Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 22nd and 29th

Hi Everyone,

Today's show aired last week as well--sorry about that.  I had a couple technical problems in the month of July.  Hope you enjoyed the music all the same.

The playlist for the 22nd and 29th went like this...

1) Rodney Crowell; I'm a Mess; Kin

2) Bruce Springsteen; Wrecking Ball; Wrecking Ball
3) Dawes; My Way Back Home; Nothing is Wrong
4) Ryan Adams; Lovesick Blues; Timeless

5) Patty Griffin; The Cape; This One's for Him
6) Guy Clark; Black Diamond Strings; Dublin Blues
7) Lyle Lovett; Sold American; Why the Hell Not...

Three from Bonnie Riatt's new one, Slipstream

8) Used to Rule the World
9) Right Down the Line
10) Marriage Made in Hollywood

11) The Black Swans; Basket of Light
12) The Three Pickers; What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul; The Three Pickers
13) John Prine; Sour Grapes; The Singing Mailman Delivers

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