Sunday, September 29, 2013

September 29th, 2013

Hi All,

A special MSU homecoming show this morning, featuring songs sent to us from Troy Murphy.  Though he claims not to recall the year, Troy graduated from the then Mankato State University back in 1990.  He now lives in Michigan.

The show suggests a far younger and hipper man and went like this...

1) Ben Sollee; Prettiest Tree on the Mountain; Learning to Bend

2) Ben Sollee; Build for This; Learning to Bend
3) Black Prairie; What You Gave; A Tear in the Eye is a Wound in the Heart
4) Black Prairie; Richard Manual; A Tear in the Eye is a Wound in the Heart

5) Sarah Jarosz; Come Up to the House; Song Up in Her Head
6) Sarah Jarosz & Black Prairie; Queen of the Silver Dollar; Twistable, Turnable Man:  A Tribute to the Songs of Shel Silverstein
7) Caitlin Cary & Ryan Adams; The Battle; No Depression--What It Sounds Like--V. 2
8) David Childers & The Modern Don Juans; The Prettiest Thing; Room #23

9) Spirit Family Reunion; Under the Highway; No Separation
10) Spirit Family Reunion; I am Following the Sound; No Separation

11) Hurray for the Riff Raff; Look out Mamma; Look out Mamma
12) Hurray for the Riff Raff; My Dearest Darkest...
13) Riley Downng, Sam Doores & the Tumbleweeds; Wrong Time to be Right; Holy Cross Blues
14) Eric Clapton; Goodnight Irene; Old Sock

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