Sunday, March 23, 2014

March 23rd, 2014

Hi All,

Last week was an "encore presentation" of an earlier broadcast.  Today was new, however, and the playlist went like this…

1) John Prine; Fish and Whistle; Great Days--The John Prine Anthology

2) Lyle Lovett; If I Had a Boat; Pontiac
3) Iris Dement; Let the Mystery Be; Infamous Angel
4) Townes Van Zandt; Dublin Blues; The Highway Kind

5) Eric Bibb; The Cape; Friends
6) Son Volt; The Search;
7) Buddy & Julie Miller; Keep Your Distance;

**a couple songs above came from a collection of songs passed along by a friend.  not sure of the records on which you'll find them.

8) All of side two (songs 6-10) from Bob Dylan's Nashville Skyline

9) Doc Watson; Stream of Whiskey
10) Holly Williams; Railroads; The Highway
11) Jamestown Revival; Paradise; The California Ep

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