Sunday, May 03, 2015

May 3rd, 2015

Hi All,

Had another new show this weekend.  But the playlist moved through the wash.

Played good stuff from this guy and played this really cool new artist  and followed her song with this one from this not so new artist.  In between played some new stuff from James McMurtry's real nice new record, complicated game and some stuff from Max Gomez, guy who warmed up for Mr. McMurtry the other night at the Fine Line Music Cafe

Thanks for listening...and for the help with the recent Spring Pledge Drive.


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Anonymous said...

Dave...we love your program. Big long time McMurtry fan hear. Sat in on 2 sets this past summer at The Winnipeg Folk Festival. First exposed some years ago watching Austin City Lomits. Hopefully he performed Choctaw Bingo when you heard him last week. Wondering if this is anything that you might have seen: Bruce