Sunday, June 17, 2007

June 17th, 2007

Hey All,

KMSU experienced technical difficulties this morning so today's show did not air in its entirety. My apologies. The show, recorded earlier in the week, was to feature three songs from Michael Perry and the Longbeds. Two Longbed songs made it on the air when the station got up and running around 9:30. I'll Play a few more songs from these guys on next week's show.

Ok...although much of it didn't see the light of day, here's the playlist for the 17th--Father's Day.

1) Steven Fromholz; I Gave Her a Ring; A Guest in Your Heart

2) Michael Perry & The Longbeds; Icarus; Headwinded
3) Guy Clark; Analog Girl; Workbench Songs
4) The Flatlanders; Baby Do You Love Me Still; Wheels of Fortune

5) John Hiatt; Your Dad Did; Bring the Family
6) John Prine; Daddy's Little Pumpkin; The Missing Years
7) Four Bitchin' Babes; Bald Headed Men; Philo So Far (30 years)

8) Richard Thompson; Mr. Stupid; Sweet Warrior
9) Syd Starw and the Skeltons; Harper Valley PTA; Real: The Tom T. Hall Project
10) Michael Perry & The Longbeds; Somewhere Out in Mudbrook; Headwinded
11) The Pines; Goin' Home; Sparrows in the Bell

12) Jerry Jeff Walker; Old Road; Best of the Vanguard Years
13) Michael Perry & The Longbeds; How Many Miles; Headwinded
14) Leon Thomas; Song for My Father; Facets: The Legend of Leon Thomas

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