Tuesday, November 13, 2007

November 11th, 2007

Hi All,

On today's show I asked for folks to send along their favorite folk/Americana song. I'll do my best to play these during the Thanksgiving weekend show. Just post the song below or send to listentoyourfolks@hotmail.com Looking forward to hearing some of the picks.

The set list for the 11th went like this...

1) Keith Sykes; What Are We Waiting For; Let It Roll

2) The Flatlanders; One Day at a Time; More Legend Than Band
3) The Flatlanders; Dallas; More Legend Than Band
4) Bill Hearne's Roadside Review; Sing Me Back Home; Heartaches and Honkeytonks
5) Keith Sykes; Let It Roll; Let It Roll

6) Bob Dylan; The Water is Wide; Live 1975
7) Bruce Springsteen; Oh Mary Don't You Weep; Live in Dublin
8) Woody Guthrie; Pastures of Plenty; The Asch Recordings Vol. I

9) Buck Owens & Dwight Yokum; Streets of Bakersfield; Buck Owens--21 #1 Hits (Rhino)
10) Dwight Yokum; Little Ways; Dwight Live
11) Buck Owens; Sam's Place; Buck Owens--21 #1 Hits

12) Keith Sykes; Tearing the House Down; Let It Roll
13) Wilco; One Hundred Years From Now; Return of the Grevious Angel--Tribute to Gram Parsons
14) Patty Griffin; Stay on the Road; Children Running Through

Thanks for listening...and please do send along a song or two for the Thanksgiving weekend show.

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