Sunday, November 18, 2007

November 18th, 2007

Hi All,

Today's show was a repeat from last week--between a new little one at home and a trip to Chicago I just couldn't get a new show up this week. We'll have a new one Thanksgiving weekend. As mentioned on the show, please send along any folk/Americana songs you'd like to hear next weekend (songs you're "thankful" for if you will). Notes can be posted below or sent to

Here's the playlist for the 18th...with apologies to those listeners who heard the same show two weeks in a row...

1) Keith Sykes; What Are We Waiting For; Let It Roll

2) The Flatlanders; One Day at a Time; More Legend Than Band
3) The Flatlanders; Dallas; More Legend Than Band
4) Bill Hearne's Roadside Review; Sing Me Back Home; Heartaches and Honkeytonks
5) Keith Sykes; Let It Roll; Let It Roll

6) Bob Dylan; The Water is Wide; Live 1975
7) Bruce Springsteen; Oh Mary Don't You Weep; Live in Dublin
8) Woody Guthrie; Pastures of Plenty; The Asch Recordings Vol. I

9) Buck Owens & Dwight Yokum; Streets of Bakersfield; Buck Owens--21 #1 Hits (Rhino)
10) Dwight Yokum; Little Ways; Dwight Live
11) Buck Owens; Sam's Place; Buck Owens--21 #1 Hits

12) Keith Sykes; Tearing the House Down; Let It Roll
13) Wilco; One Hundred Years From Now; Return of the Grevious Angel--Tribute to Gram Parsons
14) Patty Griffin; Stay on the Road; Children Running Through

Thanks for listening...and please do send along a song or two for the Thanksgiving weekend show.

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