Sunday, December 02, 2007

December 2nd, 2007

Hi All,

On today's show I mentioned Studs Terkel's book Hope Dies Last--I'm enjoying it quite a lot and thought you might as well.

The at least somewhat hopeful playlist for the 2nd went like this...

1) Phil Ochs; There But for Fortune; Phil Ochs in Concert

2) Vince Gill (with Emmylou Harris); Some Things Never Get Old; These Days
3) Todd Snider (with John Prine); Crooked Piece of Time; New Connection
4) The Yellow Room Gang; Simple Faith; Vol I.

5) Greg Brown & Bill Morrissey; You Can't Always Get What You Want; Friend of Mine
6) Chuck Brodsky; The Ballad of Stan Rogers and Leo Kennedy; Color Came One Day
7) Jimmy Davis; Watchin' the Fire Burn Down; Campfire Songs
8) Rick Spreitzer; Roll Back; From the Bottom

**The next few songs all come from sampler cds from Mojo and Uncut Magazines

9) Tim Hardin; Reason to Believe; The Who Jukebox (Mojo)
10) Roy Orbison; Trying to Get to You; Hail to the King (Mojo)
11) Leadbelly; Ella Speed; The Who Jukebox (Mojo)
12) Lightnin' Hopkins; Baby Please Don't Go; The Roots of Bob Dylan (Mojo)
13) Kris Kristofferson; This Old Road; New Music 2006 (Uncut)

14) Ricky Skaggs & the Whites; One Seed of Love; Salt of the Earth
15) Pete Seeger and friends; Bring em' Home; Sowing the Seeds--Appleseed Records 10th Anniversary Collection

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