Friday, August 22, 2008

August 17th, 2008

Hey All,

On today's show I mentioned a book I'm finding quite interesting--Why We Hate Us by Dick Meyer. I learned of it through this interview on NPR.

The show today featured seven of my favorite records--cds I still find myself listening to in their entirety--year-after year...

1) Dave Alvin; What I'm Worth; King of California

2) Steve Goodman; You're the Girl I Love; Live Wire
3) Dave Alvin; King of California; King of California
4) Steve Goodman; The One That Got Away; Live Wire

5) John Hiatt; Back of My Mind; Stolen Moments
6) Waylon Jennings; Stop the World; Waylon Live
7) John Hiatt; One Kiss; Stolen Moments
8) Waylon Jennings; It's Not Supposed to be That Way; Waylon Live

9) Lyle Lovett; This Porch; Lyle Lovett
10) Wilco; Box of Letters; A.M.
11) Lyle Lovett; Can't Resist It; Lyle Lovett
12) Wilco; Must be High; A.M.

13) Warren Zevon; The Vast Indifference of Heaven; Learning to Flinch
14) Warren Zevon; Hasten Down the Wind; Learning to Flinch

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