Sunday, March 29, 2009

March 29, 2009

Hi All,

We were on with a new show last week as well, but I managed to lose the playlist (not uncommon). But the playlist for the 29th went like this.

**Well, good thing I'm a volunteer, or I might get fired. Turns out this show did not air on the 29th. I recorded it on Saturday the 28th and must have placed in the wrong spot on the ol' computer. My apologies...and my thanks to you and to Tim and Shelley from Shuffle Function for a very successful spring pledge drive.

1) Fred Eaglesmith; Shoulder to the Plow; Tinderbox

2) John Prine; Glory of True Love; Fair & Square
3) Romantica; Queen of Arts; America
4) Steve Earle; Satellite Radio; Washington Square Serenade

5) Ry Cooder; Suitcase in My Hand; My Name is Buddy
6) Billy Bragg; You Woke Up My Neighborhood; Don't Try This at Home
7) Jonatha Brooke; You Oughta Be Satisfied Now; The Works

Three From the Flantlanders' new cd, Hills and Valleys

8) Homeland Refugee
9) Borderless Love
10) After the Storm

11) Bruce Springsteen; Backstreets; Born to Run
12) Chris Smither; No Love Today; Drive You Home Again
13) David Ball; Miss the Mississippi and You; The Songs of Jimmie Rogers

Thanks for listening and again, thanks for your support of KMSU during the station's spring pledge drive!

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