Saturday, July 27, 2013

July 28th, 2013

Hi All,

Matt Carlson was back as a co-host.  All the songs in some way connected to roses.  The idea for this show came when I heard The Rose playing on the Kwik Trip speakers while putting gas in the car before a recent show.  I mentioned on air that The Rose was one of my favorite songs, yet another reason I'm not what you might call cool.  Matt heard me and the next thing I knew we were chatting about a show.

Originally Matt and I were going to play thirteen different versions of the Rose, but ultimately it was concluded doing so might lead to a less than enjoyable program, perhaps even an annoying one.  And so instead, a morning of songs somehow connecting to roses--all songs selected by Matt.

The playlist went like this...

1) John Martyn; Seven Black Roses; Serendipity

2) Bette Midler; The Rose; Experience the Divine
3) Linda Ronstadt; Love is a Rose; The Very Best of Linda Ronstadt
4) Johnny Cash; Give My Love to Rose; The Essential Johnny Cash
5) Christine Kane; She Don't Like Roses; Putumayo Presents American Folk

6) John Prine; One Red Rose; Great Days
7) Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds; Where the Wild Roses Grow; Murder Ballads

8) Pieta Brown; Nobody's Rose; I Never Told
9) Dave Alvin; Plastic Rose; Blue Blvd.
10) Lucinda Williams; Like a Rose; Lucinda Williams
11) Robert Plant/Allison Krauss; Trampled Rose; Raising Sand

12) Siobhan Owen; The Rose; Storybook Journey
13) Jackson Brown; Rosie; Running on Empty

Thanks to Matt for an excellent set...

And, if you're looking for some of those versions of The Rose...

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